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Visual Alcohol Monitoring

At UPI, we operate two systems for visual monitoring of alcohol usage:  the VICAP video information capture as well as continued support for MEMS1000.


The VICAP system provides easy to use remote monitoring of clients.  Full color images of the client are obtained throughout the test and are immediately transmitted to the monitoring center.  Violations are reported to the officer via e-mail, and include a color photograph of the participant and test results.



The MEMS1000 provides a digital image for positive identification and hard copy proof of violations. Probation officers receive visual verification that a client is home and, when needed, is sober. A different random character will appear for each alcohol test to deter false results from a previous hard copy photo.  Support is provided in-house from our main office.

The client is instructed to blow until dashes show on the breathalyzer and then send a picture.

Next the client will be instructed to send a result image of their blood alcohol content.

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